Free Sketch Giveaway!

If anyone here is interested in a free sketch from me I’m doing a little giveaway on my Deviantart page to celebrate reaching 100,000 views before the end of  2013. The only catch is that you will need to have a Deviantart account in order to enter.

Just comment on this journal entry with the character you’d like me to draw and you have to do it before midnight tonight and you’re in the running!

Here is the link to the journal entry and contest page

Hurry over!

Inspirachannel is up and running!

My daily online inspiration blog is up and running for anyone who wants the inspiration to do more of what they love.

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Today’s theme is “Self Portrait” Kind of an “Introduce yourself” Kind of thing. What defines you? What defines your work?

Feel free to submit as many drawings as you want as often as you want (that means you don’t have to everyday if you can’t) You can also take as long as you need and you have the ability to go back to any previous theme you want to be inspired by.

When I first thought of this I thought that everyone was going to be as excited as I was about it and I pictured it kind of like this. 

But I’ve got a feeling it’s ultimately going to be like this


So let’s get artin’ you guys!

Thank you for inspiring me