Bad Bar Body Language- #1: The Cage

Here’s something I’ve observed. Look for this the next time you are at a bar, pub or club of any sort and tell me what your thoughts are on the subject.

I find there is a certain way men (people in general) will talk to me at bars that is a clear way of telling me that they are a “poisonous” sort of person. 

Picture this: You are sitting at the bar near the corner/wall/or amongst a crowd of people. Someone comes up to you to talk to you/meet you. They put one hand on the back of your chair and the other on the bar in front of you and they proceed to lean in to “chat”. By taking this stance they are blocking you off from seeing/talking/communicating with other people. They are in your face, possibly demanding your full eye contact or at least commanding all of your attention and barely giving you a chance to take a drink. So they are both making it exceedingly obvious that they are trying to dominate you as well as making it clear that they are a possibly possessive, jealous and conceited person as well as being extremely rude. 

Disclaimer: There are obviously different levels of extreme here and most people realize they are doing it by accident and do not hold this position long, but look for it the next time you go out (in your own situations as well as in others’) Be observant! Body language can tell you a lot about a person and in my experience this has been a clear sign of a storm ahead.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced something like this? What are some other “Bad Bar Body Language” signs?