Calling all… EVERYONE

Hey there. How Art Thou?
This is for anyone interested in inspiration and making more artwork (Not if you’re an “artist” or not, this is for EVERYONE)….
In an average day (maybe in a perfect world)… we spend about 9 hours at work, 8 hours sleeping, 3 hours eating. That leaves us a good 4 hours for miscellaneous activities like exercise, watching tv, reading etc. Some of you may work more or have a lot more free time, but regardless, I know we are busy. Well if I had a dollar for every time someone told me “I wish I could find more time to do artwork, more inspiration or just more practice” I do believe I’d be a thousandaire. The one thing I find most difficult about making artwork is actually getting started. And frankly, you can’t get started without some inspiration to do it in the first place. So… My question is… Would anyone be willing to make a drawing everyday along with me? Just to be able to say “Yes, I draw something everyday” “Yes, I’m inspired” “Yes, I’m constantly challenging myself and getting better!”
I know that when I went to the Kubert School the one thing that helped me improve IMMENSELY is the fact that I pretty much always had a drawing utensil in my hand and I constantly had artwork to do and someone challenging me to do it. SO I NEED YOUR HELP. (and I can help you in return) It’s so hard to do artwork on my own these days, specially since I’m working an average of 57 hours a week, but maybe if we challenged each other it would be an inspiration and a kick in the butt for all of us.
I understand that sometimes we just can’t, sometimes we are away from anything drawing related, sometimes we frankly just don’t want to. But even if you just do 2-3 drawings a week that is at least SOMETHING.
If you are interested in doing this with me, let’s see a show of hands! If I get enough people (over 10 hopefully) then I’m going to make a facebook page/tumblr page dedicated to a daily sketch challenge. These sketches can be anywhere from 30 seconds (a gesture), a 10 min sketch or a full on painting (if you are really inspired) It can be any medium and I don’t care at all if you are late on any of the themes. I just want to see you guys making some art and loving it.
So let’s band together you guys and inspire each other. God knows I need it, and It’s so hard to do art on your own (Specially when you’re out of school and no one is making you do it)
No matter what level you are at, no matter how old you are, no matter what your style is or medium of choice, no matter how busy or what your career is. Heck! Who cares if it’s a drawing or not! You could write a story, sing a song, sculpt a statue, build something, quilt or act a scene out about it! I just want everyone to do what they love to do but wish they had the time and inspiration to do it. I’d really love to see all of you joining in on this. Let’s help each other
And for those of you who have talked about me about this before… You know who you art (are)
Let’s do this thing


P.S. Message me with questions if you have them

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