Mermaid Hair

Some extra pics of the mermaid colored hair. I’m being such a ham. Sorry. You can almost see my Lady Gaga, Born This Way album in the back though!

Photos from the Lady Gaga Tribute show!!!

Singing Alejandro with my favorite sexy backup dancer

Singing telephone, thank god for now wardrobe malfunctions

Singing Bad Romance with my lifting stage and smoke machine

Singing Alejandro with flames and the fantastic dancers!

Out on the red carpet after the show. It was a great success. So much fun

More Photos From Lady Gaga Show

These are all pictures of me playing Lady Gaga at a tribute show. I sang, danced, and had different outfits for 5 of her songs during a medley. The show went awesome!

Singing Born This Way

Singing Telephone

Singing Paparazzi

Singing Alejandro

Singing Bad Romance