Some Henna Tattoos I’ve done on myself on lazy nights

There is a stigma out there that you can only do “traditional Mehndi” designs with henna. This is false, very very false. I co-own a henna business with my sister McKenna in wisconsin. We are called Henna with McKenna. We do ANY design you want and that is no lie. We are professionally trained artists and we have been doing henna for over 8 years now. Here are some examples of work I have done.

This pair of headphones I drew on my own leg. (it’s a tattoo I wold love to get someday for real) The headphones design was created by the very talented Witold Riedel Who is a giant inspiration to my work.

Here is the Henna tattoo with the actual paste still drying on my leg.

Here is the henna tattoo 24 hours after the dried paste has fallen off. The tattoo will get one shade darker by the next 24 hours.