Once again… my new hair

My Sister and I (her tumblr is mckenken)

I used Manic Panic. Atomic turquoise, Shocking blue, Ultra violet, and Red Passion all dyed over my previous Electric banana yellow hair for Lady Gaga, giving it a whole different effect. It’s like peacock colors. LOVE IT

Photos from the Lady Gaga Tribute show!!!

Singing Alejandro with my favorite sexy backup dancer

Singing telephone, thank god for now wardrobe malfunctions

Singing Bad Romance with my lifting stage and smoke machine

Singing Alejandro with flames and the fantastic dancers!

Out on the red carpet after the show. It was a great success. So much fun

After my Gaga Performance

These are some pictures of me on the red carpet after my Lady Gaga tribute performance. I had so much fun and it went perfectly! I should have videos soon!

My new hair

I’m actually doing this because I’m going to be impersonating Lady Gaga on stage for a show. I’ll be singing a Medley of her songs, Born this way, Telephone, Paparazzi, Alejandro and Bad Romance. Wow, it’s going to be so much fun! There will be background dancers, a lifting stage, pyro technics and streamers/confetti!

and of course this hair… hah, It’s actually way more yellow in real life. It’s not so green. More Neon, it’s pretty damn cool.

I am one ridiculous little monster

This is my new hair. Yes, my REAL hair. hah

Lady Gaga “Drawn This Way” Contest Entry

I learned about the competition with really short notice so this is what I could come up within an hour. There is a secret message to our Gaga hidden within the designs. See if you can spot it :)

With love from your little moster, Carli Ihde