Tonight felt a bit like getting the air knocked out of me.

Time stops, you suddenly realize that you were never really on top of the world and everything just seem a lot lonelier afterwards.

I made myself a boyfriend out of snow today. It was my Valentines gift to me.


I feel sick.

There is nothing in this world as sickening (so far) then finding out your ex from 7 months ago and his new girlfriend are going to have a new baby girl in 1 month…

something isn’t adding up here.

eh… sorry for the venting. I guess everyone has to do it sometime.

But I wish them lots of happiness and I know how much he probably really loves her.

I was thinking of you today.

So I took a way to work that I don’t normally take because it reminded me of where we used to walk together. Then I saw you walking on the sidewalk beside my car stopped at a red light. I couldn’t breathe because at that second I remembered everything. Seeing you ruined my whole day. 

…because I realized I was wrong. I still miss you.

Anonymous asked:
you're friggin gorgeous, how are you single?

:) because the people who think I’m gorgeous only talk to me anonymouslyforever