This I did for a zombie prom happening at a local bar but you can really do it for anything. Just make sure you eat, drink and brush your teeth before doing this makeup because you won’t be able to do much with your mouth afterwords…

1. I wasn’t sure what i wanted to do for the hair so I decided on something like a crazy rainbow afro. SO the first thing I did (after taking a shower so my hair is wet) is put my hair in sort of twisty cornrows.

2. Ok, Ready for Makeup. First I blacked out my mouth and nose. (black grease paint works wonderfully)

3. Ok here’s where it gets FUN! Bring out the liquid latex, toilet paper, fake teeth (I made mine of fake nails cut, filed and painted with acrylic paint) and some spirit gum.

When your face is blacked out you want to build around your lips and the top of the nose with your TP and Liquid latex (one layer) then when its dry glue on your fake teeth with your spirit gum (gum on both the tooth and the surface, wait for it to get tacky to the touch) and hold the teeth tight to the latex so it sticks. Then put a layer of latex over that just to hold everything in place. 

4.NOW! Paint around your teeth! (with grease paint and paint brushes) Make it look like you got some gross bloody gums and tendons in there! And don’t be afraid to play with colors like purple and black! They are going to make the teeth really pop!

5. Add one more layer of toilet paper and liquid latex to really get that feel that the skin is peeling off of your face and underneath is you teeth! Now (after its dry), Paint over that white latex. No one wants that white showing… It’s your skin REMEMBER? I used cheap craft sponges to make the color even.

6. Hey! Here’s some more fun stuff! Now you can paint the rest of your face! I chose just a pale complexion sort of close to my own. (just dabs of white with a sponge) black around the eyes of course! And then I used liquid eye liner to do the cracks around my eyes and mouth. 

7.Now add your blood! I splattered some of it with a tooth brush but a lot of it is just strategically placed about my face.

8. TAKE YOUR HAIR OUT. I used a lot of hair spray and teased it with a comb/brush as well to get it pretty darn ridiculous.

9. Now it’s time to put on your costume and splash your blood everywhere! GET BLOODY WITH IT! DON’T BE AFRAID!

10. Don’t forget your contacts! (these are a sort of black one that looks like blood is seeping onto the whites of your eyes) This photo was taken after zombie prom.

Hey! You are all done! And now look! You have a cute little latex mask! And if you’re careful taking it off, you might be able to use it again!

Aw, how cute! :) Thanks for checkin it out!